The (im)materiality of the promise

In the proposed oil paintings there coexists the contradiction of presenting, representing and denying representation, of evoking from the dissolution of the image - whether through the presence of dessaturation, halftones, gradients - as well as the capacity of generating mental places – no longer landscapes – that set a space of possibility.
The question on how to sustain oneself articulates a series of works (“Promises”, “Projections”, “Dissociations”, etc.) focusing on the different rythms of materiality in a stage of dissolution.

In a similar way, the material oil painting is dealt with from overflow and containment, exploring the grooves and traces that composes and simultaneously fractures the image.
All paintings have been worked synchronously, each series with its own languages, but placed in dialogue as a counterpoint. The pictorial – and existential – questions about the management of the material load, the perception of change or the formulation of an image, are activated from those encounters in space through diverse materialities and intensities.
The excess is dealed with incision or by regrouping of volumes (Lines, Promises) highlighting the somatic power of painting.

Mercedes Mangrané