Drainage systems
Georg Kargl - The box
06/03/2020 - 02/05/2020
Vienna, Austria

Text excerpt:


"The imagination projects intimate images onto the outside world.

The power of imagination isn't so much for creating, but distorting images that are – as Bachelard said – provided by perception. An attempt at freeing us of the first images, at changing the images. Therein also lies the symbolic faculty, and my question on the possibility of changing the statism
that seems to settle on symbols.

It was by chance – or by serendipity – that the following happened to me: I found myself staring at a series of little holes I found in the retaining walls on my way through the city.
They’re the drainage systems that drain rainwater.

Little by little I went looking for them without knowing very well why, as if it were an everyday mystique, and whenever I found something, in spite of being the same was different. Using them as a starting point, I noticed my growing interest in the ambiguity of what is not defined and in the potential for deploying an open and unpredictable framework where the apparent randomness and stability of the walls are to be found. Interestingly, those small inconsistencies that seem to break them actually help keep them stable.

As if it were a dream, far from causal logic and from the pedestrian experience in the city, I was able to develop the idea proposed for the exhibition. A set of paintings, drawings and photographs that were brought together, and that live together under a certain air of collection in process – not under reasoning of property – from a collection that refers to the desire to understand the world and generate other realities through both parallel associations and differences.
In these small cracks I can see an enigma, a space for the possibility – of overflowing, flowing, draining – and many phenomena that these typologies entail: humidity – generation of life – the traces and halos that testify to the passage of time.

Through these works I would like to reflect on the subject as a body, as Braidotti would say in her differential ethics: an intensive matter that is exposed to a multitude of external forces, giving it a multiform structure that is always susceptible to being in the process of transformation, even if such a process is unpredictable.

I would like to understand the exhibition as a sample of reflections that, visually, come from a psyche that bridges the gap between the physical, the symbolic and the biological."

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Press text: https://www.georgkargl.com/en/box/exhibition/mercedes-mangran-drainage-systems

Photo credits:
Manuel Carreon Lopez