Part of the group show Attempt at rapprochement at Georg Kargl Fine Arts, curated by Inés Lombardi, Vienna.
Courtesy Georg Kargl Fine Arts, © Georg Kargl Fine Arts,

These compositions are part of a series titled emancipated figures.
I suggest an arrangement of tiny figures that evoke the totemic despite its instability.
Games of doubles, repetitions of figures through reflections and shadows whose sharpness is the same as the reflected object. Compositions where the figures seem to have the same weight except for the feeling of remoteness or closeness. Isolated rythms in the empty scenario of a plain paper.
I look for an abrupt but playful way of displaying the series of colored notes to deal with their intensity, evoking weightlessness, ascents and descents.
They are concentrated synthesis of elements from the urban landscape and elements of nature that are vibrant to my eyes.