Mercedes Mangrané’s series of pictures (Barcelona, 1988) presents a number of free approaches to different gym floors and sports scenarios; places defined by complex regulations on their use and intended for physical exertion, which establish indirect links with the idea of natural landscape. They constitute a symbolic territorial demarcation - don’t step on the lines, don’t go outside your lane, set targets and fulfil them, etc. - which is trans- formed into an exercise of minimalist geometrical abstraction. In a subtle way, the literal meaning of the different series - Pista (Court), Suelo mojado (Wet floor) and Esterillas (Floor mats)- refers us to concepts akin to experience in nature.

Excerpt from the catalogue "Walking in ice" The epic and disfunctional in artistic practice, curated by David Armengol. A co-production from Bòlit, Contemporary Art Centre, in Girona, and Arts Santa Mònica, in Barcelona

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 Suelo mojado (serie) 2016     
 Esterillas (serie) 2016     
 Pista I (2016)     
 Pista II (2016)     
 Pista V (2016)